Helps that his suit fits great too

duxdude418 comments on Why is it considered a faux pas to match tie to socks and

I won disagree moncler outlet store that silhouette is important, and that certain design elements have come to be uk moncler outlet standard over time (a jacket having lapels, a breast pocket, and two hip pockets, for example), but conventions just don come into being out of the aether. There has to have been some thought behind why what is now moncler womens jackets common wisdom got to be cheap moncler sale that way. It seems like having a moncler uk outlet bunch of slightly different colored pieces all through your outfit goes against every principle of aesthetics outside moncler moncler outlet outlet prices of fashion.If what you moncler usa saying is true, why do we advocate matching shoes to moncler outlet sale belt, then?Leathers traditionally match. Other items don Just how it is.The reason for ties and pocket squares is that they have NEVER matched until, in the 80s and 90s new printing techniques came best moncler jackets about for silk that let tiemakers get crazy with their designs instead of discount moncler jackets being limited to 4 6 colors. So with the mass production of ties came the mass production of pocket squares that were previously made independently.Better tiemakers (mostly) didn do moncler sale online shitty cheesy designs, but cheaper made in cheapest country manufacturers started doing the “matching set” thing. Not only do I think it cheesy to match exactly, but like the moncler sale guy above said,1) it gives away that you bought it as a set from some cheap moncler jackets womens discount cheap moncler jackets mens store. Because of this uncouth affiliation it has a similar reputation to something cheap moncler coats mens like a pre tied bowtie, square toed shoes, and Regis Philbin matching moncler sale outlet his tie to his shirt;2) the designs 90% of the time are bad. I think in your post the one thing Stuart Scott got right is that he chose a subtle moncler outlet online lilac color with interesting texture, instead of your average tacky set. Helps that his suit fits great too. Plus,3) IMO patterns that look good on ties, like repp stripes and micro patterns, don look good on pocket squares.4) And of course, part of it is social convention without logic. You never see a reputable menswear designer do it, or James Bond depiction, or any self respecting old Italian dude. It only done by guys like this poorly dressed ESPN anchors, models in catalogs for bad rental suits for proms, and guys who don really know how to dress themselves trying to be “classy” but wearing bad combinations like black dress shirts with cheap suits. uk moncler sale High end clothiers like Turnbull moncler outlet woodbury Asser, Drake or Zegna will never put out a matching set. They just not in style anywhere except for in the provinces of moncler online store Van Heusen/Arrow/Geoffrey Beene and the other bottom tier brands cheap moncler jackets sold exclusively at places like Ross and Sears.Pocket squares should either look like an elegant handkerchief, perhaps with some piping unique to the square, or be a more complex design with puffs and shapes of color, not a bland uniform pattern. Have it tie in thematically to the outfit and not match it. So a sharp charcoal suit with a dark tie and a white shirt could use a white linen square. And if you adding click over here color, moncler outlet have the tie and square complement each other instead. Like I said.

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